Sydney’s Original Pool Removal Company

Nepean Plant Hire has been Sydney’s leading Pool Removal Company for many years. Our service is highly recommended for all types of swimming pool removals whether it may be a concrete or fibreglass pool removal. We are also able to completely replace your swimming pool through our parent company Nepean Pools and reinvent your backyard with another shape/size or type. This may be to update the look of your backyard and pool area or simply to maintain a smaller size of pool.

Sydney’s Original Pool Removal Article

Need more space in your backyard? Remove your old family swimming pool…

Believe it or not, that is what many Australian’s are now doing. The family pool hasn’t been used in years, the kids have left home and the costs of maintaining your pool out weight the benefit of having one.

Every backyard is different and whether you might want to put that nice lawn back in place or create the foundation for a new entertaining area, Nepean Plant Hire can do just that.